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For more than a decade, the name Standard Oil Company, Inc. has been associated with the Oil and Gas industry of America. In the current world market of rock bottom crude oil prices, we have developed an asset investment plan that promises to reap huge returns for our stockholders.

Our Strategy

After analysis of unsettled market conditions in the oil and gas industry since 2008, we turned to an asset acquisition focus. By investing in hard assets to consolidate into our capital holdings, we are building our company’s solid foundation in real property like acreage, wells, equipment, buildings, etc.

Current opportunities to aggregate small holdings and their well inventories allow maximum growth at minimum cost. Although cash flow is temporarily reduced by market prices, we are saving millions on the cost of acquisitions. Even so, our annual production income stands at seven figures.

Family and small business holdings dependent on well production for their income are often ready to liquidate in this environment. With production revenues still far in excess of our operating costs at current low prices, we can multiply the value of our stockholders’ investments. Once wells on the acreage are inventoried, assessed, and returned to full production, a $2.5 million asset purchase can appraise at 20 to 30 times our investment. With continued low prices over the next 6 to 12 months, we anticipate taking the company public through an Initial Public Offering. When conditions change and we complete the planned IPO, we will move from the acquisition model to massive oil and gas production through extensive extraction upgrades and by drilling new wells in underdeveloped acreage. With the future recovery of the gas and oil markets, we can become a major player in this field.

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We’ve put together an amazing team of experts in all areas of the industry. We’d love to introduce you.

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